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Electronic address:. Toggle. Journals. Publications by authors named "Chih-Mei Chen". PLoS One 5;16 3 :e Epub Mar 5. The study included endometriosis patients and healthy women. Somatic mutational landscapes of adherens junctions and their functional consequences in cutaneous melanoma development.

Theranostics 26;10 26 Epub Oct Cell-cell interaction in skin homeostasis is tightly controlled by adherens junctions AJs. Alterations in such regulation lead to melanoma development. However, mutations in AJs and their functional consequences are still largely unknown.

Cadherin mutations in skin cutaneous melanoma were identified using sequencing data from TCGA dataset, followed by Fuck buddy in Chihmeichen with data from non-TCGA cohorts. Neo-antigen prediction was carried out using NetMHCpan tool. Targeted gene exon sequencing and immunofluorescence staining on melanoma tissues were performed to confirm the findings.

Highly frequent mutations in type-II classical cadherins were found in melanoma with one unique recurrent mutation SL in the fifth domain of CDH6, which potentially destabilizes Ca-binding and cell-cell contacts. Mutational co-occurrence and physical dynamics analyses placed CDH6 at the center of the top-four mutated cadherins core CDHs; all type-IIsuggesting altered heterophilic interactions in melanoma development. Although mutations in core CDH genes correlated with advanced cancer stages and lymph node invasion, the overall and disease-free survival times in those patients were longer in patients with wild-type.

Changes in cell-cell communications by somatic mutations in AJ cadherins function as one of mechanisms to trigger melanoma development. Certain mutations in AJs may serve as potential neo-antigens which conversely benefit patients for longer survival times. The overexpression of MYST4 in human solid tumors is associated with increased aggressiveness and decreased overall survival. Int J Clin Exp Pathol 1;12 2 Epub Feb 1.

It was found to be overexpressed in ovarian cancer by a serial analysis of gene expression assays that focused on plant homeodomain-linked domain-containing genes. Compared to ovarian clear cell carcinomas and endometrioid carcinomas, MYST4 is ificantly overexpressed in ovarian high-grade serous carcinomas HGSCs and was correlated with diminished patient survival in advanced stage HGSCs. Athymic mice were utilized to facilitate the xenograft study. To search for potentially regulated genes, a microarray study comparing the expression profile before and after MYST4 knockdown was performed.

The knockdown of MYST4 ificantly reduced cellular proliferation, migration, and cell cycle progression in all three cancer cell lines. Furthermore, based on our microarray study, we identified several downstream genes important in regulating tumor behaviors. Collectively, our suggest that MYST4 is involved in cancer progression and contributes to a more aggressive behavior in human solid tumors. J Pathol 08 29; 4 Epub Apr Univariate and multivariate analyses further indicated the prognostic potential of YWHAZ for more aggressive cancer types.

Novel K6-K14 keratin fusion enhances cancer stemness and Fuck buddy in Chihmeichen in oral squamous cell carcinoma. Oncogene 06 13;38 26 Epub Mar Keratin intermediate filament IF is one component of cellular architectures, which provides necessary mechanical support to conquer environmental stresses. Recent findings reveal its involvement in mechano-transduction and the associated stem cell reprogramming, suggesting the possible roles in cancer development.

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Here, we report t 12;17 q When expressed in OSCC cells, those fusion variants disturbed wild-type K14 organization through direct interaction or aggregate formation, leading to perinuclear structure loss and nuclear deformation. In addition to the anti-mechanical-stress activity, our data uncover oncogenic functionality of novel keratin filaments caused by gene fusions during OSCC development. RSF-1 overexpression determines cancer progression and drug resistance in cervical cancer. Biomedicine Taipei Mar 26;8 1.

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Epub Feb : RSF-1 expression correlates with cancer progression that strongly-positive staining can be found in Such overexpression also associated with increased tumor size, poor differentiation, higher nodal metastasis and advanced clinical stages. Kaplan- Meier analysis confirmed that cancer patients with high RSF-1 levels exhibited a ificantly shorter survival time than those with low RSF-1 levels. Conclusions : RSF-1 participates in the tumor progression of cervical cancer and could be considered as an early prognostic marker for cancer development and clinical outcome.

Up-regulation of ribosome biogenesis by MIRA2 genetic variation promotes endometriosis development and progression. Because certain ovarian cancers arise from endometriosis, we genotyped seven cancer-related miRNA single nucleotide polymorphisms MiRSNPs to investigate their possible roles in endometriosis. Genetic variants in MIRA2 rs and MIR rs were found to be associated with endometriosis development and related clinical phenotypes, such as infertility and pain.

Downstream analysis of the MIRA2 risk allele revealed upregulation of rRNA editing and protein synthesis genes, suggesting hyper-activation of ribosome biogenesis as a driving force for endometriosis progression. Clinical studies confirmed higher levels of small nucleolar RNAs and ribosomal proteins in atypical endometriosis lesions, and this was more pronounced in the associated ovarian clear cell carcinomas.

Our study thus uncovered a novel tumorigenesis pathway triggered by the cancer-related MIRA2 risk allele during endometriosis development and progression. We suggest that anti-RNA polymerase I therapy may be efficacious for treating endometriosis and associated malignancies. Background : Colonoscopy is currently considered the best screening tool in the diagnosis of colon diseases. However, this procedure often causes pain and discomfort in patients, thus reducing patient willingness to undergo and comply with this procedure.

Purpose : This study explores the effects of providing procedure-related information to patients receiving colonoscopy in terms of anxiety and pain reduction and identifies factors that influence the pain and anxiety experienced by patients during this procedure.

Methods : This study adopted a quasi-experimental de that targeted colonoscopy patients in outpatient clinics. Two hundred thirteen patients were recruited, with patients in the experimental group and in the control group. Participants were recruited between January and April All of the participants received standard care, and only those participants who were ased to the experimental group were asked to watch "A Guide to the Colonoscopy Procedure," a multimedia health informatics CD-ROM.

: Anxiety scores of the experimental group dropped from The average pain score of the experimental group was ificantly lower than that of the control group 3. Furthermore, trait anxiety, gender, and educational level were identified as the main predictors Fuck buddy in Chihmeichen state anxiety, and state anxiety was identified as an important predictor for pain during the colonoscopy examination.

Genetic variations of MUC17 are associated with endometriosis development and related infertility. Epub Aug Background : Genetic alterations of mucin genes, such as MUC2 and MUC4, were ly identified to be associated with endometriosis and related infertility. Additionally, gene expression profiling has confirmed MUC17 to be overexpressed in mucinous ovarian carcinoma; however, its associated risk for endometriosis remains unclear. This study was focused on the potential impact of genetic variations in MUC17 on endometriosis development and associated clinical features.

Methods : The study subjects included female Taiwanese patients with pathology-proven endometriosis and healthy Taiwanese women as controls. Five single-nucleotide polymorphisms rs, rs, rs, rs, and rs within the MUC17 gene were selected and genotyped using the Taqman genotyping assay to examine the allele frequency and genotype distributions of MUC17 polymorphisms. Genetic variation of rs protected patients against endometriosis-induced infertility, but was associated with a higher cancer antigen CA level. Base-pairing analysis, called MaxExpect, predicted an additional loop in the mRNA structure caused by rs polymorphism, possibly influencing ribosome sliding and translation efficiency.

Such predictions were confirmed by immunohistochemistry that patients with AA genotype at rs showed low MUC17 levels in their endometrium, patients with GA genotype showed moderate levels, and strong staining could be found in patients with GG genotype. Conclusions : MUC17 polymorphisms are involved in endometriosis development and the associated infertility in the Taiwanese population.

Toxic trace elements in maternal and cord blood and social determinants in a Bolivian mining city. Int J Environ Health Res 16;26 2 Epub Jul We recruited pregnant women, collecting venous blood and sociodemographic information as well as placental cord blood at birth. Long-term effect of a low-intensity smoking intervention embedded in an adherence program for patients with hypercholesterolemia: Randomized controlled trial.

Fuck buddy in Chihmeichen Med Aug 4; Epub Jun 4. Electronic address: Objective : We evaluated the long-term effect of a smoking intervention embedded in an adherence program in patients with an increased Fuck buddy in Chihmeichen for cardiovascular disease. Method : Secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial: Inpatients with hypercholesterolemia were enrolled from general practices in Germany. Patients received a month adherence program and statin medication intervention or statin medication only control.

The program aimed to improve adherence to medication and lifestyle by educational material, mailings, and phone calls. Smoking was self-reported at baseline and every 6months during the 3-year follow-up. : In total, patients were analyzed. At baseline, smoking prevalence was Prevalence decreased in both groups to The effect decreased until the month follow-up [0. Conclusion : A low-intensity smoking intervention embedded in an adherence program can contribute to smoking cessation although the intervention effect diminished over time.

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