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The students had already taken off their clothes and slipped into robes when they lined up in two rows facing each other. They stood close in the softly lit room, with seven women on one side and seven men just across from them. The men would soon practice stroking the women. But first, they had some warm-up exercises to do. A steady hum filled the quiet, yogalike studio as each man gazed at the woman facing him and rattled off his observations.

The freckles on a cheek. The shape of an eyebrow. The way a band of color stretched around a woman's pupils. The exercise helped them practice for later, when the class would shift its focus to obnosing female genitalia. Then, when it came time for the stroking exercise to begin, each woman stretched out an arm and the man across from her took it and cradled it gently in his own. The sleeves of their robes, whether silky or fuzzy, pink or baby blue, were pushed back to expose the soft bare skin on the inner side of the forearm. Orgasmic meditation is devoted to female orgasm — after all, the women are typically the ones being stroked.

There are courses in how to satisfy a woman with hands-on instruction deed to show what she wants, and how to give it to her. With forefingers busy stroking, Ogin worked the room, inspecting everyone's technique — although at One Taste they say sensuality is about 80 percent learning to navigate resistance and only 20 percent technique.

She urged the men to shut their eyes and feel how much pleasure they could extract from the arm-stroking exercise. Did they want to change the speed? Change the pressure? How much sensation could they feel?

Beautiful ladies looking orgasm San Francisco

Next, the women were encouraged to share. One felt an opening in her throat. Another felt a quivering. Over the next few hours, those attending would watch an orgasmic meditation demonstration and, if they wished, pair up for more hands-on exercises.

Beautiful ladies looking orgasm San Francisco

During the lunch break, they could eat anything they wanted so long as it was fed to them by someone else. The day-long course would literally climax with multiple climaxes — at least for the women. And no, they weren't faking it. They live together in several buildings in the same neighborhood, with as many as 24 people staying in one of the large bedrooms. That can mean simply sharing a bed, making out, having intercourse, or some level of intimacy in between. Research partnerships can last for as short as a week or for more than a year.

While some at One Taste are monogamous, many are not. And just because a pair of residents may have broken up as research partners doesn't preclude them from occasionally snuggling and making out on one of the center's comfy vintage couches.

Beautiful ladies looking orgasm San Francisco

They call this a research community rather than a commune, although communal living is part of the deal. It's not the first sensuality-focused community, but there are a couple of things that set One Taste apart. The community typically comes together to practice orgasmic meditation three times each weekday, at 7 a. The afternoon and evening OMs tend to be a bit smaller, due to work and other obligations. The schedule differs slightly on weekends, with a a.

OM session to allow community members to sleep in. Then there's the fact that this is a sensuality community focused on building connections to others through stroking the clitoris. The female-centric nature of One Taste makes sense since it was founded by a woman: year-old Nicole Daedone.

She's striking, a dynamic presence whose speech is punctuated by pregnant pauses and plenty of hand gestures. Her chestnut hair normally hangs in perfect waves, and she always seems to have the right amount of makeup on her olive skin. She gets quoted a lot by others at One Taste.

Daedone, who was born in Los Gatos, wasn't planning on becoming a sensuality guru. She'd been on a doctoral track with an emphasis in semantics at San Francisco State University and was helping run Minna Street Gallery when, at 27, she got a telephone call that her father had only hours to live.

She rushed to the hospital, where he died within two days. She prayed to God to take her, too, or reveal her purpose in life. Around that time she met an unusual older woman at a rave who kept telling her to call if she ever needed anything. She was celibate for more than a year during her studies.

When her teachers asked her how she wanted to bring what she'd learned back into the world, she debated heavily between Buddhism and the pursuit of more earthly pleasures. Daedone's background in Buddhism may explain why the group's description of its OMing practice sounds so similar to other forms of meditation except, of course, for the lube and clit stroking.

Daedone and others at One Taste say the concept at the Beautiful ladies looking orgasm San Francisco of OM is that too many people get caught up in their rational mind or what they call the cortex, as in cerebral cortex with all its inhibitions and judgments. Some religious or meditation organizations consider their practices as ways to reach higher thinking, or even enlightenment, but at One Taste they're not so lofty.

There is no black belt in orgasm here. Still, One Taste is a for-profit business, meaning they do have a goal to make money as they spread the message of orgasm. A One Taste in New York may be open by fall, and Daedone hopes to eventually open a center in every major city.

But is the rest of the country ready to OM? Some people have discovered One Taste through friends. Others stop into the center on Folsom Street looking to buy a cup of coffee — there's something about the boxy wooden building, with its hardwood floors and vintage couches that keeps convincing passersby it's a cafe.

Others have stopped in for a yoga class or massage and ended up sticking around to explore Beautiful ladies looking orgasm San Francisco rest of what the center has to offer. Beth Crittenden was one of those people. Each seemed like the perfect fit at first, like she'd found her soul mate. Crittenden has lived at One Taste for more than a year and is now with her fourth One Taste research partner — the only community member she knew from before she moved in.

She actually saw him after her first massage appointment that day, and he was with her at her first One Taste event, a Wednesday-night communication-game event known as IN Group. She seems completely into the guy, whom she's been researching with since January. But they have an open research partnership. But is it awkward to approach someone to ask them if they want to pair up for one of the minute sessions? Bob Gower is another resident at One Taste. The year-old graphic deer says there's no place else he'd rather be living.

He's done the marriage thing — three times, actually — but after his third divorce decided it was time to try something different.

Beautiful ladies looking orgasm San Francisco

He was miserable following the breakup of his last marriage, heard about a sensuality-focused center named One Taste, and went to an event there with a friend. He fell in love with the place, started going to IN Groups every week, enrolled in classes, and quickly decided to move in. Gower has worked at alternative weeklies and dot-coms, and completed a sustainable MBA program.

In some ways, Crittenden and Gower are the quintessential One Taste community members. Residents range in age from early 20s to 50 years old, but many of them are in their late 20s and early 30s without any children. Many are college-educated and professionals from a variety of fields, including health care workers, marketing types, entrepreneurs, yoga instructors, and, yes, a former journalist.

The majority of community members are white and many are straight or bisexual, but two of the core members are African-American, lesbian-identified women. One of the residents had been homeless in the past, but most are like Crittenden — they gave up an apartment, and maybe even a cat or two — to move in and research sensuality full time.

As a woman, Crittenden is in the majority at One Taste. You might think with so many hot young women ready to get naked, men would be breaking down the doors to get in. Maybe it's the clit-focused nature of OMing that keeps them from Beautiful ladies looking orgasm San Francisco the place.

Whatever it is, Daedone and others aren't stressed out about the imbalance. They believe that if the women show up, men will follow. So they have no intention of instituting regular daily OM sessions only focused on stroking men. Still, it's not as though men in the community can't get stroked. They can. It's just that One Taste types don't consider OMing to be a sex act — it's a practice about connecting to energy — so men are tapping into orgasm, too.

Beautiful ladies looking orgasm San Francisco

There are other perks for the guys. He adds that making out is nice, too. Life in a sensuality community can get complicated. Like when a resident in one of the large communal bedrooms ends up sharing a room with a former research partner and hearing that person with a new partner, um, researching together. Gower has had three research partners, and says he remains close to all of them, although, well, sometimes there's jealous tension among exes.

Jealousy and competitiveness come up a lot at One Taste, largely because they try to stay open and honest with each other to avoid pent-up anger or seething resentment, which has hurt other communal living situations. Ganas community in New York was shaken last summer, for example, when a female former commune member who claimed she was pressured to have sex by others there ambushed and shot one of its co-founders, Jeff Gross. Ted McIlvenna, president of the San Francisco-based Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, said women getting along with each other has been a challenge in Beautiful ladies looking orgasm San Francisco intentional communities.

McIlvenna, 75, said he's never heard of another sensuality community founded by a woman, adding that many communal living situations centered on women have been about denying sexuality — convents, for example — or selling it — like at brothels. Marissa Bollong, a teacher at One Taste, is definitely not denying her sexuality.

A beautifully curvaceous massage therapist with a perfect button nose, she admits to having had hangups around sensuality. That began to change after she attended a naked yoga class at One Taste about a year ago. I have this desire to have sex, raw sex, and it's burning and it's hot. The stroker will then take lubricant — One Taste recommends its all-natural One Stroke lube — and place it on the forefinger and middle finger of his left hand.

Then with a stroke also known as a lube stroke he applies it to her clitoris. He then puts his left forefinger on the upper left-hand quadrant of the strokee's clitoris — which they believe is a spot where thousands of nerve endings are bundled. For the strokee, the upper left-hand quadrant is at about the p.

Now, not everyone buys this whole upper-left hand quadrant theory. Barry Komisaruk, the senior author of The Science of Orgasmwho's also a psychology professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, said he hasn't seen scientific studies proving that one side of the clitoris is more responsive than the other. After researching the One Taste Web site, he said he wasn't sure what science would be relevant to their practice.

Beautiful ladies looking orgasm San Francisco

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