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Search Search. Menu Sections. Barry Egan and his eternal friend, singer, songwriter and music legend Dolores O'Riordan. Photo: David Conachy.

Women want hot sex Dolores

Barry Egan Twitter. Dolores O'Riordan was one of Ireland's greatest ever singers with millions of fans across the world. Barry Egan remembers his brilliant, beautiful friend who died far too soon. Aweek last Wednesday she ed: "Love to meet up. That lunch will never happen now. Heartbreaking to imagine Dolores O'Riordan's short, brilliant life is truly over. Heartbreaking to think that she is gone forever, this beautiful young woman with more talent in her little finger than a dozen Beyonces, this voice of a generation who could sing like an angel with a damaged wing soaring over Mount Olympus.

Women want hot sex Dolores

This forever lost soul, who was finding her way back after maybe wandering off the path in life, as we all do sometimes. I was happy for her because I loved her and because I knew she had been through a personal hell over the last decade. So Dolores, more than anyone perhaps, deserved happiness. She had her troubles. They were well documented. She was human, just like the rest of us. We were friends for almost 17 years. Whenever she wanted to confess something to the world about herself, however shocking, I was her confessor in the Sunday Independent. I would have helped her any way I could.

Women want hot sex Dolores

Sometimes, sadly, it was like that Elvis Presley line from Heartbreak Hotel: 'They been so long on Lonely Street, they'll never get back'. We talked via during the last week of her life. She said she needed to have goals to look forward to and how she was feeling a lot better now. She said she had stopped looking back. It was great to talk to her. Whenever I ed her, she would reply, sometimes within the hour, to say that things were going positively in her life and that her counsellor thought she was making great progress.

I was absolutely delighted for her. Dolores x". From Eurovision to Love Island, our free newsletter brings you our best features and interviews from the world of entertainment every week. Enter address This field is required Up. Much love! The superstar who, as The Guardian put it, spent most of her adult life seeking a balance between depression and anorexia, was found dead at the Hilton hotel in Park Lane, London, last Monday morning.

She was Less than three decades earlier, her life changed when at the age of 18, she got a job with a Limerick group called The Cranberry Saw Us. She sang a version of a song she had written, a plaintive piece de resistance called Linger.

Women want hot sex Dolores

The song, released in with the renamed Cranberries, became a giant hit globally, remaining in the Billboard Hot in America for 24 weeks. There was no one quite like her. Nor will there be again. One of her earliest memories was being about five at school in Limerick when the headmistress took her out of the class and up into the sixth class where the year-old girls were. She sat Dolores up on the teacher's desk and told her to sing for them. The five-year-old Women want hot sex Dolores it - singing was something she had "that could win people over".

That much is true of Dolores, a bona fide genius who could stand on a stage and win over any crowd, anywhere in the world. She was in tears by the end of Dolores's heart-rending performance of Ave Maria with Pavarotti. Diana later explained to Dolores that the reason she cried earlier at her performance was because her mother Frances loved Ave Maria.

Dolores O'Riordan's wounds weren't visible on her elfin-like body but they were deeper and more painful than anything that bleeds. Mental pain - the constant rattle in the brain - is harder to bear than physical pain. Dolores knew that better than most, after all she had been through in her life. You didn't need to be Freud to see that her heart possessed more scar tissue than positive life experience. Elizabeth Wurtzel wrote in Prozac Nation that "a human being can survive almost anything as long as she sees the end in sight.

But depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it is impossible to ever see the end". In amongst the loneliness, and the moments of depression that maybe compounded daily, I would like to think that Dolores O'Riordan always believed that there was lots of hope for her she had great support from her mother Eileen and her brother PJ and that the future was never less than bright.

Hence one of the last s she sent to me, saying: "I'm happy in Limerick now. From the age of eight, Dolores endured years of rape and sexual molestation by a person known to her family in the Limerick area. It is hard to even begin to fathom the effect, both emotional and psychological, this would have had on her.

Women want hot sex Dolores

When people toss out phrases like "Dolores was dealing with her demons", they should try to understand the hellish reality of what she actually went through as a young child: from the age of eight to 12, she was raped. How could Dolores ever be normal again after those experiences asher innocence robbed from her in the most evil way? The dirty secret the child-Dolores buried inside her for most of her adult life. It came out in nervous breakdowns, in depression, in suicidal thoughts there was an attempt to take her life inin panic attacks, in mania, in anorexia.

In Rome at Christmasshe was in the Eternal City to sing at the Vatican for the Pope and took me with her Dolores told me she had Googled anorexia and "studied" the condition. She found out it was a common pathology that develops later on in life. I had anorexia, then depression, a breakdown.

I knew why I loathed myself. I knew why I wanted to make myself disappear. It was something that I noticed manifested itself in my behaviour and Women want hot sex Dolores pathologies I began to develop in my early adult life, such as my eating disorder, depression and eventually the breakdowns. I think I am getting stronger for sure. But I'll always be a bit of a train wreck. Nobody's perfect. Those people who pretend they are perfect aren't perfect. Three months prior to that, in the summer ofshe had told me in an interview with the Sunday Independent's Living magazine: "I tried to overdose last year.

I suppose I am meant to stay here for the. It is just about acknowledgement for me now - not revenge. I'm not that type but it will free me to go into group therapy as I go on with my life and I can be a better and stronger mother. Her father Terence had a bad bike accident inthree years before Dolores was born, "which left him invalided with permanent brain damage", and he "was never the same again". He died in November 25,at home in Ballybricken, Co Limerick, after having been ill with cancer for seven years.

Dolores knew that she might see the man who abused her at the funeral in Limerick.

Women want hot sex Dolores

At the funeral, he "came over and cried and said: 'Sorry'. You could argue that when her marriage to six-foot-plus Don Burton - whom she married in virtually her knickers in Holy Cross Abbey outside Tipperary in - ended in mid after over 20 years, Dolores lost her protector against the world; and that Dolores's life unravelled out of control from there on. I always liked Don. I always thought he was great, even essential, for Dolores.

She needed him as much as a father figure as a husband in her life. After the separation, the children lived with Don in Canada while Dolores bounced around the world, seeking sanctuary but sadly never truly finding it. Ten days after the incident, I got a phone call from Dolores to meet her at a house she was staying in on the Adare Manor estate. It was the worst I had ever seen her.

She was clearly ill, clearly in need of urgent help. She was distressed and disorientated.

Women want hot sex Dolores

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