Down on your luck beautiful homeless woman

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A Somersworth woman who was without a home for five years said the biggest albatross around the neck of the homeless who live on the streets and in local encampments is addiction. The woman, now in her 60s and living in a cozy one-bedroom apartment in the Hilltop City, said the saddest thing about these people is their lifestyle doesn't only affect them. The woman, who did not want to be identified for this story, chose Kathy as her pseudonym.

Her journey into homelessness that began some six years ago is probably not uncommon among women. I left that night, immediately.

Down on your luck beautiful homeless woman

Kathy spent years couch surfing with relatives and friends, but never liked it. Then she found an acquaintance with whom she shared an apartment in Berwick, Maine. Her roommate went to live with her granddaughter, so she knew she would have to find a new roommate to make ends meet. It was last August, winter was on its way and she knew she had to act fast. She lived with a relative for a while, but it just didn't work out, she said. Realizing she would have to be proactive in her quest for a roof over her head, she began calling area shelters. Among them was the Strafford County Homeless Shelter where she talked to Tracy Hardekopf, its executive director, who recognized Kathy as a perfect candidate to take advantage of the shelter's guided programs deed to put the homeless into permanent housing.

Down on your luck beautiful homeless woman had never lived in congregate living before, so "it was difficult," she recalled. Unlike many shelters that have little or few rules or structure, the Strafford County Homeless Shelter is like a private school for the homeless.

Hardekopf and her staff do intake interviews and maintain a structured environment for the families and single individuals who live there. They also teach their clients and interview skills and help them fill out applications for local, state and federal housing assistance. But what she quickly learned was that the shelter also provided them with a pantry full of donated food.

Kathy, who formerly worked in the ad department and as a proofreader at Foster's Daily Democrat and also for a book company in Salem, Mass. After a while I was looked at as sort of the grandmother of the place. Kathy said Hardekopf was like a "den mother," pushing and prodding when needed and always giving helpful advice. Kathy said she took all the advice from Hardekopf she could, but also proved a self-starter in her search for a permanent home, filling out dozens of applications for state and federal aid as well as dozens of applications for local apartment house residency.

After eight months of searching she found a one-bedroom apartment in May in a quiet section of Somersworth. But when she found out that the shelter was going to donate all her furniture, kitchen utensils, sheets, towels and everything else she needed to get started she was overwhelmed. Hardekopf said Kathy was a model resident of the shelter, which will soon have a new home at Washington St. Hardekopf said Waste Management has been a wonderful benefactor for many years giving them a free lease at the Isinglas Drive building, but WM now needs the land for their own use and the shelter also wanted to expand its client base and services.

The shelter began working through its approval process for the new facility at a Rochester Planning Board meeting on Monday. Hardekopf stressed they are not a walk-in facility, but do intakes and take referrals from other shelters and welfare offices around the county. Hardekopf said right now they are looking for a de builder, adding she wants the building to feel "homelike. Their goal is to have it up and running by October of next year.

With 14 more beds that means 14 more folks like Kathy - down on their luck through no fault of their own - can get the help they need to find a place they can call home. View Full Calendar. You may not be getting all you can out of your browsing experience and may be open to security risks!

Down on your luck beautiful homeless woman

Homeless woman was down on her luck till shelter took her in and lifted her up Harrison Thorp a. Comment Print. Related Articles.

Down on your luck beautiful homeless woman

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Down on your luck beautiful homeless woman

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